Miami Beach, FL


Miami Beach, FL

A must stop for that glamorous date night. Strict dress code for men, long pants required. Staff is knowledgeable regarding the home’s history. A guaranteed night to remember at this iconic former home of the late fashion designer. Yes, you're allowed to feed Gianna. 

01/ Culinary Science
Dishes are well presented and designed. Depth of flavor. Exotic flare. Imported ingredients. 

02/ Design
Your eyes will carry you all over the place. The essence of Versace’s unapologetic flamboyant vision is well preserved and present. Ostentatious mosaic patterns made in harmony with surrounding environment. The likes which can only come from the mind of Versace. Mediterranean inspired architecture and design. 

03/ Ambience
There's a touch of magic you get when walking through its entrance. Frequently visited by celebrities. The energy and vibe is nothing short of legendary. Every facet of this house makes a good backdrop for your posts. Main attraction is the backyard pool but be sure to check out the observatory on the topmost floor and share a moment with your loved one.  

04/ Wine & Spirits
Stocked with top shelf liquor. The mixologist freestyled a drink not on the menu that tickled the senses. Imported wine from Europe and California. 

05/ Menu Selection
Italian-Mediterranean-American fusion done well. 

1116 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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