Farshad Lalehzarian M.D.

Plainview, NY

Farshad Lalehzarian M.D.

Plainview, NY

Dr. Farshad Lalehzarian specializes in anesthesiology and has over 35 years of experience in the field of medicine. He graduated from SUNY Stony Brook School Of Medicine and completed his residency in Mount Siani School of Medicine. He currently specializes in radiographic IV sedation for patients undergoing high-tech imagining such as MRI and CT examinations. 

01/ Professionalism 
Proper etiquette, well-mannered demeanor demonstrated by Dr. Lalehzarian and his entire staff.

02/ Clinical Knowledge 
Graduating from SUNY Stony Brook School Of Medicine and completed his residency at Mount Siani School of Medicine. Comprehensive knowledge of Pharmacology and Clinical Anesthesiology. Maintains constant effort to keep up to date and contribute to the advancements in the specialty.  

03/ Clinical Skills
Upon inspection Dr, Lalehzarian demonstrates proper technique, methods, and yielding positive results. Proper patient history is consistently taken to prevent any adverse pharmacological contraindications. Promptly answers any patient inquiries. 

04/ Clinical Service 
Elevated emotional intelligence by Dr. Lalehzarian, nurses, and staff. Communicative and prioritizes patients to ease any discomfort. A detailed explanation of the radiological examinations and anesthesia process is conducted to help facilitate patient exams.

05/ Cleanliness 
Well maintained and clean office environment. Free from unpleasant odors and unpleasant substances. 

06/ Atmosphere
Cozy interior design elements made to prioritize patient comfort. Proper layout to facilitate multiple exams with ease. 

07/ Ethical
 Dr. Lalehzarian demonstrates rigorous adherence to the latest accepted ethical standards, general absence of negative press, litigation, and any professional or regulatory violations.

08/ Professional Development

Actively is up to date with the latest CME credits. Active contributor to SERMO medical surveys to help aid in the progress of the field of study.

09/ Operations
Efficiently operated practice by seeing numerous patients without sacrificing the quality of care and results.

680 Old Country Rd
Plainview, NY 11803

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