Andy Alem
Andy Alem - President and Founder

The Ten Tier Diamond Award is a new independent luxury award program that conducts comprehensive evaluations by acknowledging Ten Tiers to measure excellence. Our mission and philosophy are to encourage innovation in luxury service by defining, verifying, and rewarding excellence with our cutting-edge Ten Tier model. We are challenging the generic and outdated “5 Star Rating” paradigm by using our more thoughtful approach to highlight often-overlooked details and nuances of service, bringing those many subtle but critical distinctions to the attention of both our network of high- value clientele as well as the general public.

The genesis of this unique concept in excellence recognition can be found in Mr. Alem’s extensive background in the healthcare industry, including having completed 4 years of medical school, working in varied clinical settings, and the successful administration of healthcare marketing territories. It was through many years of these experiences that his vision emerged to create a prestigious award that would evaluate and honor doctors in an authentic way. Rather than simply create a "Michelin" award equivalent for the healthcare industry, Mr. Alem realized the vast and exciting potential of a more objective, comprehensive, and industry-specific approach to the recognition of excellence. Thus began the Ten Tier Health and Medicine category.

Our mission and philosophy is to encourage innovation in luxury service by defining, verifying, and rewarding excellence.

After the enthusiastic response this new concept received amongst his colleagues, Mr. Alem soon realized the Ten Tier rubric can be applied to other industries and sectors of service and hospitality as well. This led to the creation of the Ten Tier Fine Dining & Gastronomy and Luxury Travel & Hospitality categories, evaluating and recognizing excellence using the same core mechanisms and principles in both universal and industry-specific categories.

The process begins with our trusted group of experienced individuals serving as ambassadors, who cast a recommendation of establishments they have visited and deem worthy of consideration. Potential recipients are nominated and registered to begin evaluation based on in-depth reviews by a member of our team of international luxury service experts, with each category being comprised of Ten Tiers of specialized areas.

The last and most difficult tier to satisfy is the 10th, in which service staff encourages clientele to award it points by registering and recommending the nominee through our patented QR- code-based web system.

Those able to demonstrate true and consistent excellence in all Ten Tiers are awarded the Ten Tier Diamond Award.

Our carefully designed model serves two primary functions; the first being to accurately measure and recognize excellence in each aspect of a service providers business and relationships with its clients, and the second as a cutting-edge tool providing the targeted feedback and quantitative data needed for our nominees and recipients to take their level of service even further.

Those able to demonstrate true and consistent excellence in all Ten Tiers are awarded the Ten Tier Diamond Award and are thereby granted membership into an exclusive group called The Metropolitan Academy of Worldwide Excellence!

It gives us great pleasure to provide a growing number of industries a truly authentic award program that can stand alone in the way it operates and what it represents. Please enjoy exploring our site at We invite you to Register and Create your profile so you may cast your recommendations and share them with your friends and family. We are confident that our unique and dynamic vision will continue to evolve into the new industry standard in international quality recognition. Join us in celebrating enriched experiences and excellence along your life’s journey!

Andy Alem
Andy Alem - President and Founder


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